OVC closed out the season in style with the 2015 Seagull Century. 8 riders -- Dean P., Barry, Roscoe, Caleb, Scott, Sonny, Jude, and Josh -- assembled at Rise Up on College Ave. around 745am for some pre-ride caffeine and hit the road at about 815am. The course was unusually empty this year, but some sprinkles and breezy conditions may have contributed to the empty roads.

The pack made it to Berlin in about 3 hours, where a few riders hit up Cheers for their Red Bull fix and the others rolled to a coffee shop for double-shots of espresso. Back on the road, it took a few miles to get their core temps back up to normal. Before long, the bunch made a perilous crossing of the Chincoteague Bay (keeping a low center of gravity so as not to fly off the pedestrian bridge) and headed to the State Park for a group pic. A park ranger threatened us with tickets, but Dean P. smoothed it over quickly -- thanks, Dean!

The group passed back through Berlin and stopped by the Brian Jack Homestead for Cokes and brownies -- thanks, Brian! After that, OVC enjoyed a solid cross-tail all the way home. The boys passed through the tunnel and got a pic with the Gull before heading back to SG for refreshments.

The 102 mile course was completed in about 5 hr 10 min for an average speed of about 19.7 mph. Great work, OVC and thanks to everyone who made this a memorable day.