21 mile prologue:

The much anticipated SV/EVO Tour de Cure Fundraiser Ride for diabetes was a resounding success and before the main event officially shoved off at noon, a dedicated group of riders (Jude, Jim B, Rick B, Russ, Barry, Melissa, Matt D, Jude and Jude's friend (sorry I didn't catch his name) expecting a leisurely pace on the EVO social ride, decided to shove off at 10:30 to get in a little more intensity before their 40 miler with friends and teammates. With the 8 rider field sticking together, an expected pace increase meters from the overpass started to whittle the field down, but the customary drag race to the overpass was unfortunately interrupted by a crash and going down hard on the pavement was Matt D. Fortunately Matt was not seriously injured (only a bad case of road rash) and was able to ride away on his slightly damaged brand new DI2 equipped Cervelo R3. After the unfortunate turn of events, Matt and Melissa would head home and wisely tend to his painful contusions and skip the main event. Glad you’re doing okay Matt!

From the start on Johnson to the overpass on Meadowbridge, the group maintained a solid 21.5 mph avg speed for the 15.5 mile distance.

The Main Attraction:

Leaving EVO a little past noon approximately 55 riders would head out onto the open road to tackle two routes with the majority opting for the longer 40 mile route. The rest would take the shorter 20 mile version. Both rides were in good hands with experienced ride leaders and with one of the more gorgeous days of the young 2015 spring season underway, all participants (with the exception of a few mechanicals) made it back to EVO in fine fashion.

The Impromptu EVO Ride Finale:

With a few of OVC’s USAC licensed roadies tied up and assisting Rick B earlier with multiple flats miles away, another scenario was developing in the latter stages of the Tour de Cure. In the closing miles things got a little animated on Nutters Xing starting with a slight of build local boy Russ and the hulking figure of Jersey’s Evan going toe to toe and drag racing to the stop sign at Coulbourn Mill Rd. Making the right turn onto CMR, Russ’s faithful lieutenant Barry B would launch another offensive with a fine turn of speed of his own and quick to react and grab Sir Beauchampi’s wheel were the two original instigators (Evan and Russ) and from there it was game on. With a slew of riders jumping aboard the “Pain Train” including a rider representing other clubs and organizaitions, the once “Fun/Social” ride format was abandoned and rapidly (and expectedly) morphed into a good ole fashioned OVC finale and addition to a sea of black n blue jerseys looking for a fast and furious finish, a handful of riders represented by other strips would throw their helmets into the ring as well. With OVC’s Brian F and the unidentified Pedal Works rider dangling together off the front just past the 3 way at Coulbourn and Union Church Rd, Russ would grab a gear and surge over the top of the overpass and on his left flank was another identified rider. Rolling over the top and making their descent of the CMR overpass, the duo would establish an immediate gap, but unfortunately Russ’s dancing partner would hoist the white flag leaving OVC’s founding father and seasoned road racer to his own devices. Hammering solo towards the official finish at the Coulbourn Mill pond, the lone leader would get swallowed up at the corner of Division and Coulbourn by a hard charging SV’s Evan and OVC’s Barry, but the club prez by the width of his 23 mm Panaracer’s may have captured the top spot at the illustrious pond finish. With the high speed action not quite over, from the pond to the Royal Farms the trio of Barry, Evan and Russ would trade blows for a few hundred more meters and the relatively “new” Royal Farms sprint was taken out hands down by SV’s Evan T. Despite the fast finish and multiple fractures in the main field, the rest of the lead group comprised of 15 to 20 (or more) riders would bridge the gap and roll in just seconds behind to cap off a great ride for a great cause.

Following the 2015 spring “Fun/Social Ride” event, most of the ride participants would gather at EVO to digest some cold beverages and the half price “Johnny” burgers. Thanks to all who supported the ride and donated their time and money for a great cause and event that certainly looks to become an annual cycling tradition along with the successful SBY Bike Swap that took place on Saturday.