A fine collection of local cyclists took advantage of the clear, warm, and calm conditions to participate in the Cinco de Mayo Edition of OVC’s Tuesday Night Ride.  Making the trip to Fruitland were: Dean S., Dean P., Frankie, Roscoe, Sonny, Chris D., Caleb, Ted., Alex, John J., Chad, Bruce, and James (in his TNR debut).  

The large group got right down to business and polished off the first 15 miles to Whitesburg at a 25 mph pace, despite a slight cross-headwind.  Unfortunately, two riders succumbed to the early surges.  The group then enjoyed smooth tarmac and a tailwind on Dividing Creek and eased through this 1.8 mile sector at an pleasant 28 mph.  For the first time this season, the ride skipped Scotty and tackled the rolling slopes of Nassawango Road.  The momentum eventually slowed and it appeared that several riders were feeling somewhat under pressure.  At least one more teammate became detached at the turn onto Creek.

Things were mostly uneventful for the next few miles as the 10 remaining principles approached and cleared Furnace Town.  With the final 13 miles ahead of them, the group slowly began to turn the screws.  The pace quickened and probing surges of speed were doled out.  Two more riders fell off the pace, and third was off the back, but inexplicably fought into the ride -- impressive work, James!  

With 1K to go, Roscoe surged to the line.  The Deans grabbed his wheel leaving a small gap between Sonny, Chris, Caleb, Frankie, and James.  Dean P. kept the ball rolling, but in the end, Dean S. had the power to claim underpass victory -- great job, Dean and we are thinking of you!  Dean S. took silver and Frankie made an incredible last second effort to capture the bronze.  

The 39 mile overpass-to-overpass course was completed in 1 hr 32 min 20 sec, for an average speed of 25.3 mph.  Great riding, OVC!