On Saturday, a few of us (Roscoe, Caleb, and Alex) headed up to Lancaster for Turkey Hill's annual road race. The weather and venue were spectacular and the racing was tough.

I raced the straight Cat 3 race, which was 8 laps around the 6 mile course and one trip up the Gamber Wall. Unlike most road races, you get the whole road for almost all of the course. The course featured several "rollers", which means "mountains" to us Delmarva residents. The race was pretty uneventful, except a solo breakaway went off the front on lap 2 and appeared to have wrapped up victory. Another rider bridged up to him, however, on the last lap and went on to win. I hung with the main field and was happy to finish with the pack upright. This was my fastest Turkey Hill at 24 mph average speed for the 48 mile course that included 3400 ft of climbing.

Alex and Caleb raced with the Cat 4's in the afternoon. Their race was 30 miles and pretty much stayed together until the last lap. Just before the big climb, the field splintered into several 10 rider groups, leaving everyone scrambling for wheels. OVC got into a chase group and did a lot of work to secure a good finish. Alex ended up 22, just inches in front of Caleb at 23. Great video coverage here: 

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed hot dogs, ice cream, and chocolate milk courtesy of Turkey Hill. This is a great event and I recommend it to everyone.