OVC took a 4-day hiatus to celebrate the 4th of July, but reconvened for another Tuesday on the brink.  17 starters -- Dean P., Dean S., Mark, Roscoe, Jason, Mike B., Brian J., Barry, Sonny, Alex, Caleb, Chad, Chris, Paul T., Scott, Sean, and Ted -- rolled out from the church in Fruitland to meet their cycling destiny.

Ignoring pesky SW crosswinds, the group polished off the first 13 miles to Furnace Town at about 25.6 mph.  A couple of 30mph+ surges caused some unfortunate casualties.  After the turn, Roscoe, Mark, and Mike got in a little break and held off the pack for about 10 miles.  The main field came together just before the turn onto Whitesburg as the winds switched from head-on to tailwind.

The final 15 miles were mostly fast -- 25.7mph average -- but occasionally broken up with slowdowns and a few suggestions on proper Tuesday Night riding technique being shared among friends.  As the miles ticked away, the group slimmed little by little.  With about 4km to go, Mark, Jason, and Mike got some separation from the main group.  No one panicked and the chasers, including Brian, Sonny, Barry, Scott, Alex, Roscoe, and Dean, kept their quarry within reach.  

With 2km to go, Dean P. decided it was time to bridge up.  As contact was made, Roscoe kept it rolling for the next km, eventually pulling over with about 350m to go to let sprint unfold.  Jason was first up, but a few seconds later Dean P. and Mark surged forward.  The pair hit 37mph and Dean held on for the victory.  Congrats Dean!

The 40 mile course was finished in about 1 hr 35 min for an average speed of 25.3mph.  Great riding, OVC!