Undeterred by a little wet stuff, OVC rolled out of SG as scheduled this morning for the final Sea Gull prep ride. Rule 5 and Rule 9 were strictly observed. Glenn, Scott A., and Roscoe -- three guys who aren’t into trainers -- altered the route a bit and headed south to see what all the fuss was about. The trio learned a few lessons. Number 1: you can ride a road bike through 18 inches of moving water. Number 2: it takes about 11 minutes to ford Nassawango Creek under flood conditions. Also, it rained a lot.

The three-man group finished the 58.5 course in just under 3 hours for an average speed of just about 20 mph. Great work, fellas -- way better than sleeping in! Also, kudos to all the other OVC riders around the Shore who braved the elements today!