This past Friday, about 14 riders decided to opt outside and burn off some Thanksgiving calories with a 50 mile ride from Pedal Works in Delmar. It was a little chilly at the start, but light winds ensured that things stayed pleasant and manageable for everyone. The sprint into Sharptown was tough, with the bridge ascent being conquered at a record pace. Frankie sprinted for the victory, with Sean and Roscoe a couple of ticks back. A few miles down the road, the bunch enjoyed a team interval that allowed almost every rider to complete the 3-mile segment at just under 25mph. Finally, the ride was capped off with a screaming 3 miles down Old Rt. 13 into Delmar. Sean and Roscoe turned the screws early (Sean averaged 430 watts for the finale 6 min), but once again Frankie played his cards wisely and saved his matches for the final half-mile surge to the finish for another win. Solid work, everyone!

After the ride, Pedals Works broke out the grill and cooler and treated everyone to some tasty meats and cold beer! Maria also brought along some spicy veggies. Thanks guys! The 51 mile course was completed in about 2 hr 40 minutes for an average speed of 19.2mph -- right on target. Thanks to OVC and Pedal Works for a great ride.