Undaunted by cool temps and cloudy skies, 13 riders rolled out of Berlin for three hours of winter training. The bunch headed for Ocean City and enjoyed a few miles of spinning on wood instead of the standard tarmac. The winds were calm and favorable, allowing the group to sail along at 19 mph (despite the low 30Fs).

At about mile 40, though, the group started to show signs of fatigue. A few riders branched off for a more direct route home. The 9 survivors continued the planned route. As the temps began to rise, the winds kicked up a bit. Luckily, the ride was set up for a tailwind finish back into town. Before long, the sun was shining and the Black and Blue Train was cruising up Evans Road at 27mph -- glorius. Just prior to the turn, Roscoe got a bit of separation and was able to hold off a hard charging Russ for the RR-track honors.

The 60 mile course was completed in about 3 hr 10 min for an average speed of just under 19mph. Post-ride beers and some tasty-looking Eggs Benedict were enjoyed at Fins in Berlin. Extra kudos to all who joined us today. With the right gear and a sunny disposition, chilly days on the bike are no problem!