With a handful of OVC’s licensed members pinning on a number up in Jersey at the Tour de Fish and a few others doing Bike VA this past weekend, OVC still managed to draw close to 15 riders on Saturday from SG for a 65 mile group ride. The NE wind for the first leg of the out and back parcours did little to stall the group’s momentum and at one point the ride leader had to put the brakes on the pace for fear of casualties. Everyone came to their senses and realized the brisk tempo had to be tempered a bit in order to keep all the starters tucked safely in the clutches of the peloton.

Along one of OVC’s more popular routes, there would be some spirited segments to challenge the bunch and fortunately our resident camera man was able to capture most of the fast paced action on video.



More important than the segments was the fact that most of the starters finished the ride in the same time frame which was an impressive riding time of 3:10:21 (avg speed 20.7 mph) for 65.4 miles. Nice job OVC!

Post ride calorie intake took place at Specific Gravity. Thanks everyone for a great ride!