On Sunday, about 20 intrepid souls from all over the Shore converged at Delmar’s 3rd Wave Brewing for 50 miles of winter riding. Despite temps in the mid-30s and a blustery headwind at the start, the group’s mood was cheery and light. Everyone was just happy to be back on the bike after a two-week hiatus.

At mile 33, the group enjoyed a mile-long segment up the Sharptown Bridge and around the town’s bypass. Roscoe got an early jump at the bridge’s summit, but was eventually tracked down by Dean and Sean, with Dean surging for the victory. After a quick regroup, the pack was back on the road for the final 15 mile push to Delmar.

With a moderate north wind, the route was set up for a crosswind finale on Route 54. The pace ramped up gradually, but soon riders were struggling for wheels and gaps were opening. After a few attacks, Dean, Roscoe, Sonny, and Russ found themselves with some clearance from the group and were able to hold off several die-hard chasers. The 50 mile course was completed in about 2hr 46 min, for an average speed of 18.1 mph.

Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylOQCyMsqGM