With Mother Nature on her best behavior these past few days, OVC’s Barry, Crystal, Russ and SV’s Bob M and Paul G decided what better way to spend their Wed night than a good brisk paced B ride with friends and teammates. Departing from SG a quarter past five, the four man one woman group headed out College and Johnson roads to begin their 35 mile journey on two wheels and by the time they hit the overpass on Johnson, the group of 5 was already up to speed and rolling towards RT 12 at 22 plus mph.

Cruisin down Mt Olive Church Rd at speeds above the prescribed “B” ride prescribed pace, the group fully intact averaged a brisk 22.5 mph for the 8.5 mile stretch of MOCR . With each rider doing their fair share of work at the front, the momentum would continue on Furnacetown Rd and despite the pesky west wind, the 4 guys and a girl would still manage to churn out a respectable avg. speed of 21 mph from RT 12 to Stephens Rd.

Making their way onto Meadowbridge, the rest of the route would have the riders make a right on McGrath, a left on Phillips, a right on Milton Mill and a left on St Lukes and as all 5 of the starters rolled up to the roundabout at Cedar and Division, a textbook “B+” ride pace would garner a good early season average speed of 21.3 mph for the 29 mile parcours (Johnson OP to St Lukes OP). Nice work y’all!

Following the total elapsed time of 1:40:25 in the saddle, the bulk of the starters would sit down with a packed house at Gravity for well-earned pizza, wings and cold beverages compliments of OVC’s generous sponsor BEAUCHAMP BROS CONSTRUCTION.

Just and FYI, OVC may continue with a B ride on Wed throughout the season. Crystal with work commitments that will prohibit her from making Tues and Thurs may lead the ride if there’s enough interest. Any OVC or SV members who are interested, please let us know and we’ll set up a ride and route each week from SG.