OVC Spring Kick-Off (3/8/15)

Spring finally sprung on Sunday and OVC was there to greet the 50 degree temps.  Nineteen riders gathered at SG this morning for 60 miles of early season training.  OVC brought 17 to the party -- Russ, Dean P., Matthew P., Barry, Sean, Rick W., Sonny, Kevin, Alex, Caleb, Roscoe, Brian J., Mario, Brian F, Matt D., Jamie, and Mario -- and Patrick and Ace made the trip down to represent Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team (“ABRT”).

The 3-hour ride took the group out on Pemberton, through the small of towns of Quantico, Mardela, Sharptown, and Laurel before turning back south towards Salisbury.  The group maintained a steady double paceline for the majority of the ride, but enjoyed a few racey sections as well.

Heading into Mardela, the group began to get stretched out for the first sprint area.  Dean lead the charge, but the red kite was ultimately captured by Dean’s prodigy, Matthew, followed closely by Ace (who in all fairness, didn’t know where we were sprinting to).  After a little recovery, things heated up again coming into Sharptown.  The group got strung out early and with 3 miles to the line was cruising at 27 mph.  After a couple of flyers by Caleb and Dean, Roscoe went for broke with a 33 mph acceleration.  The group let him dangle, but a victory seemed doable.  Unfortunately, Ace tracked him down and captured the sprint zone with ease.  

After a pit stop in Sharptown, the group trekked on and experienced a bit of attrition.  Other than almost getting wiped out by a left-turning pick-up truck, the journey through Laurel, however, was uneventful.  Turning back southwest on Susan Beach, the group dealt with a stiff cross-headwind for several miles.  Although rotating echelon’s were set up, the group got strung out and regrouped at Rt. 54 before the big finale.

With a tailwind on Log Cabin, Dean couldn’t help himself and launched a 35 mph “pre-finale” attack.  I think he was successful, but the group soon turned to the 2-mile finish into Salisbury.  After some initial jousting, about 8 or so riders remained as the kilometers ticked down.  Sean took an early flyer and held the pack off for a few hundred meters.  Dean, fighting cramping legs, launched for the sprint line.  Ace and Patrick didn’t flinch, timed their final accelerations perfectly, and took gold and silver, respectively.  

After the on-road theatrics, the group retired to SG to refuel on pizza and drinks courtesy of Mr. Pierson.  Thanks, Dean!  In sum, riders from 2 states and 6 counties tackled the 60 mile course in 3 hrs and 2 min for an average speed of right around 20 mph.  Great work OVC and thanks to ABRT for joining us!