3/24/15 Tuesday Ride Night Recap

Twelve riders -- Dean P., Sonny, Caleb, Alex, Roscoe, John J., Bruce, Barry, Steve J., Brian J., Chris D., and Mark L . -- braved chilly temps and cloudy skies to roll out for 2015’s second Tuesday Night Ride.  To get properly warmed up, the group took the scenic route through Deer Harbor before getting back on the traditional short course.  After the turn was made onto Stevens, things soon got crankin’.  

With the wind at their backs, the group cruised for the next 7 miles at 26 mph.  Our man Bruce was the evening’s first casualty, but we’re confident he’ll be up to speed soon.  Up next was the signature sector of the short course:  4 miles of gravelly, twisty, tar-and-chip goodness known as Sand Road.  Roscoe pushed the pace a bit early, but most of the peloton was able to respond and stay in contact.  Caleb, unfortunately, wasn’t feeling it tonight and fell off the pace.  

As the survivors made their way towards Furnace Town, John J. managed to claw back up to the pack to enjoy a few more miles of suffering.  Just as the group tracked down and passed their comrades in OVC’s other Tuesday Night Ride (btw -- great work OVC for putting over 20 riders on course this evening!), things got kicked up a notch.  Brian J. took a monster 30 mph pull that appeared to throw everyone for a loop.  

Before long, only Dean, Brian, Steve, Mark, Roscoe, and Chris remained.  The pace stayed high for the next 3 miles and riders kept dropping.  First Chris, and then Mark (who had just raced his first two races ever back-to-back on Sunday).  The four survivors were looking a bit ragged and, to prevent spontaneous combustion, decided to let up a bit as they approached the Four Corners intersection.  Somehow, Mark regained contact, and the quintet began the almost 8 mile sector up Meadowbridge.

Mark admirably hung on for several miles before finally succumbing to the pace.  Before long, Roscoe was pedaling squares, Steve was asking to be excused, and Brian was only communicating through grunts.  Dean, however, was fresh as a daisy.  Because of the headwind and near-exhaustion, the “sprint” finish played out in slow-motion.  In the end, Dean took the honors, with Steve, Roscoe, and Brian limping behind him in that order.  

Excluding the warm-up, the 26 mile course was completed in about 1 hr 3 min for an average of 24.9 mph.  Great work, OVC!