OVC took the show on the road this weekend for a 63-mile ride from Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin.  15 Riders from Laurel, Preston, Salisbury, Lewes, Bethany, Newark, Berlin, Reisterstown,  and Powellville made the trip -- including Roscoe, Brian J., Caleb, Sonny, Kevin, Drew, Lee, Mike, Maryellen, Ken, Shelley, Ted, Ric, Dave K., and special guest Hans R. from Team BBC. The route took the crew west to Parsonsburg, south to Newark, and back north to Berlin.

For the majority of the course, the group cruised along at the prescribed 20-22 mph pace.  A few sprint zones, however, got the blood pumping.  Coming into Willards, the pack ramped things up steadily. After a 1.5 mil at 30+mph, Caleb claimed victory with Roscoe on his wheel but unable to come around. The group cruised over to Pittsville to refuel. Unfortunately, the chosen stop was closed and OVC apologizes for the mixup. But, after hitting up the laundromat and the Dollar General, the ride was back on track.

The group headed south without incident, except for pulling out in front of minivan and Ted crushing it at the front (btw great work by Ted and Mark this Saturday at Page Valley!). At the second sprint zone, Ted, Ken, and the tandem went early, hoping to catch the pack off guard. The pack stayed calm and gradually tracked down their prey. With 1 to go, Brian and Roscoe got a little separation; Roscoe held on until the line, while Brian and Caleb grabbed 2 and 3.

With the group closing in on Berlin, there was one more chance for glory on Evans Road.  Brian was the first to jump at 1.2 mi to go, and Ken and Roscoe were able to grab his wheel.  The trio each took a pull and Roscoe went for broke.  Sonny made a late charge, and towed Caleb and Brian to the line, while Roscoe was able to snag another victory.

The 63 mile course was completed in about 3 hr 6 min for an average speed of about 20.3 mph.  Afterwards, most riders topped off on some great beer at Burley Oak.  Thanks to everyone who drove from far and wide to make the ride!