To commemorate the recent opening of Rubber Soul Brewing, Co., Salisbury’s newest brewery, OVC and SV combined for a metric century out of north Salisbury.  Approximately 30-35 riders shoved off a little after 8:30AM to head west toward Hebron, Quantico, and Mardela, including Roscoe, Kevin, Paul G., Jody, Tom A., Phil, Alex, Matt D., Trey, Josh H., Brian O., Brian F., John J., Ken T., Jude, Nathan, Lisa, Kim, Charlie, Desmond, Barry, Dean S., Demetrius, Cindi, Fran, Mike, Jamie, Jim B., Dave R., and Ed (I missed a few, I know -- please add to the list!).  

The sprint into Mardela (congrats Brian F.!) and a couple of flats disrupted the flow somewhat, but before long the group was back up to speed.  The crosswinds caused a few to split off early, but heading into Mile 40, at least 25 riders were still on board.  Approaching Sharptown, Phil kindly escorted Roscoe to about .5 mile from the finish line, and Roscoe couldn’t help but return the favor and grab the honors.  After refueling, the crew paraded around town and tackled the final few miles of head and crosswinds.

As the turn south was made, a few sprightly riders formed up a break and decided to get in a few extra miles.  The rest of the crew kept it steady until the Jersey Road finale.  As the speeds rose, a few alert riders made the final selection, including Roscoe, Kevin, Mike, Jamie, and Fran (impressive work from our Lewes group!).  Fran didn’t know where the finish line was, but he kindly lead out Roscoe anyway.  

The 63 mile course was completed in about 3 hr 32 min for an average speed of 19.5 mph (as advertised).  Post-ride cookies a la Megan and thirst-quenching beers from Rubber Sole were enjoyed by all.  Thanks OVC, SV, and Rubber Sole for a great Saturday!