After spending the Xmas holidays with their friends and family, OVC decided to get back down to the business of training on two wheels on Saturday. Once again blessed with temps more reserved for March, 18 riders would mount their trusted steeds to begin their high speed 50 mile march through the back roads of Wicomico and Somerset counties. The neutral rollout on Division would soon give way to the first green segment on Meadow Bridge Rd. Barely clearing the overpass on Meadow Bridge Rd, the ride leader would already have his hands full trying to pull back the reins on a select few. After a quick reminder of green segment protocol, order was restored and for the remainder of the MBR segment, the pace remained well within the prescribed moderate to up tempo parameters.

During the cool down phase and an unscheduled pee break on Whitesburg Rd, a few that had come unhitched from the Black n Blue Train on Meadow Bridge would rejoin their teammates for round 2 of green segment action on Whitesbur. The final few hundred meters on Whitesburg were capped off by an impromptu sprint with a handful going toe to toe to the stop sign at Dividing Creek Rd. A nice cool down on DCR would follow before the 17 rider field would make their way onto Scotty Rd for a scheduled 3rd round group interval session. For the entire stretch of Scotty most of the main field would stay intact and unlike the Whitesburg segment, no one would mix it up in the sprint for a stop sign.

A quick spin up Sand and Millville roads would deliver the riders onto Furnacetown Rd. Furnacetown would provide the field with somewhat of a warm-up for the upcoming penultimate segment on Greenbriar Swamp Rd. Although sailing across the smooth asphalt of Furnacetown at 40 kph, the field would save just enough for a 3 mile hammerfest on the infamous bar jarring pavement of GSR. Despite the blistering pace on Greenbriar, all 16 remaining survivors exited the Forest De Greenbriar unscathed and for the next 20 minutes or so, the sweet 16 would enjoy a nice leisurely spin on St Lukes and Jackson roads.

Making their way onto Union Church Rd, speeds began to creep up and by the time the main bunch exited UCR and made their way onto Old Pocomoke, gaps began to form and full blown finale was well under way. With a mix of age groups ranging from the early 20s to the late 50s representing the break and the chase groups, approximately 8 riders (Mark L, Roscoe, Russ, Barry, Dan, Sonny, Brian F and Ted) within seconds of each other would battle it out to the overpass on St Lukes Rd.

Following the skirmish into Fruitland, the majority of the field would come together on the road and most would gather at Specific Gravity for a variety of foods and beverage. Ted in a festive mood would cover the tab and Russ would pony up enough for the tip and a few more cold craft brews. Thanks guys and hope most of you can make the Sunday ride from EVO. Weather’s looking great for another OVC training ride.