For the 4th week in a row, OVC enjoyed a fantastic fall ride from a local brewery. About 25 riders rolled from Tall Tales in Parsonsburg for a little over 50 miles of steady cruising around Wicomico and Worcester Counties. The group was treated to a tailwind for the first half of the ride and was fortunately secluded in the woods for most of the return.

Two mid-ride sprint/interval sections were challenged by a swarm of riders,but Caleb cagily took the honors both times. As they often do, the Morris tandem kicked off the final interval section on Forest Grove Road at mile 49 with a strong acceleration. Looking to go 3-for-3, Caleb surged forward past the tandem. The strong headwind began fracturing the remaining survivors, leaving only Rob, Russ, Bill, Sonny, Dean P., and Roscoe to battle it out. With everyone at their limit, an errant piece of metal road debris popped up from the tarmac. The bit of confusion may have contributed to Russ and Roscoe getting a gap on their colleagues with 1 km to go. The pair barely held off the chasers and finished 1-2.

The 51.5 mile course was completed in about 2 hr 41 min for an average speed of just over 19 mph (the swiftest brewery ride of 2016). A large contingent of riders hung around for some great beer and food, with OVC picking up the tab for wings and pizza. Thanks everyone for another great ride.


Bird’s Eye: