The results and in! Delmarva cyclists once again voted with their pedals and continue to express a strong preference for brewery rides! For the fifth week in a row, OVC convened at a local brewery for a few hours of solid riding through Delmarva. This week’s installment left from Rubber Soul in north Salisbury. About 25 riders braved chilly conditions and rolled out under sunny skies for over 50 miles of endurance riding.

After a slight detour, a sprint into Sharptown showed that Dean P. appears to be recovering nicely. A team segment on Airport Road got a little rowdy, with Roscoe, Caleb, and Bill at the front of a nearly 30mph final mile. After a few flats, the group approached with tailwind finale with much anticipation. An elite final group of Dean, Bill, Caleb, Mario, Kevin, and Russ screamed down Jersey Road at maximum velocity. Mario wasn’t sure where the finish was and burned a lot of matches with surges at the front. Kevin made a late dash for the win, but was reeled in by Caleb with the wiley Dean P. timing things perfectly for the win. Average speed for the finale 3 miles was just under 28 mph. Great riding, guys.

The 55 mile route was completed in about 3 hours, for an average speed of just over 18 mph (as advertised). A large contingent retired to Rubber Soul for tasty IPAs and tasty lunch items from Paddy B’s food truck.

Finale Video:

Sharptown Sprint:

Week 6: Next week’s installment will be from RAR in Cambridge. Given the forecast is looking much better, we will be targeting Saturday, November 19, rolling at 930AM.