Despite overcast skies, raw 45 degree temps and a somewhat delayed start, OVC still managed to go the full distance and pull off another great training ride this past Thursday. With one late arrival, one member misinterpreting the route memo and a last minute roundup of said teammates courtesy of the makeshift Culver & Pierson team sag wagon, OVC finally got down to doin what it does best and that’s pedal their twowheeled carbon fiber and alloy machines.

Finally up to the posted TH.N.R prescribed speed, all 13 riders organized themselves nicely and with the early bone jarring tar n chip pavé of Mt Olive Church Rd in their rear-view, it was smooth tarmac, a favorable SE wind and efficient teamwork for the next 57 minutes. One rider not feeling up to the chilly start and the pace, decided to bail early which left Matt M, Matt D, Dean P, Barry, Bruce, Paul G, Maria, Mario, Caleb, Alex, Russ and Phil C to tackle the next 21 miles and with each and every rider taking pulls at the front, the pace and a surprising shift in the wind direction would net the 12 rider field a solid average speed of 22.3 mph for 21 miles (Spearin Rd to the Meadowbridge overpass) of the 34 mile parcours.

With one to go:

As much as most wanted to chill after a hard Tuesday niter and with a few saving their best for the upcoming race weekend, one last spirited drag race to the finish would highlight yet another fun, but rewarding OVC group ride. With everyone getting in on a little piece of the abbreviated two wheeled high speed action for the final 1609.34 meters (1 mile) to the Meadowbridge overpass, a Caleb led surge brought the bulk of main field up to race pace and in the process, the antagonist would find he and his CAAD 10 dangling off the front. Looking as if Caleb’s exceptional turn of speed was about ready to seal a solo victory under the shadow of the queen of many a classic TNR finishes, a hard charging Russ coming all the way from the rear of the field looked to have the element of surprise in his favor. Russ’s vision of rare sprint glory soon faded in the final meters and to no one’s surprise, Dean’s appetite for sprint finishes lured this past weekend’s RIR men’s 45 plus winner out to play, but Mario with a well-timed kick to the line got the nod over Dean who according to his wife Donna has done little to recover since his two races on Sunday (and a tough Tuesday). With Shamrock on Saturday and Black Hills on Sunday, we’re sure it’s gonna be a TIEF (Take It Easy Friday) for Dean today.

Even with the neutral roll-out, waiting for our team sponsor to fetch a few teammates prior to the start and the 3 mile cool down to Gravity, the field of 12 still managed to average 19.5 mph for 34 miles. Great ride y’all and hope to see a few of you at Gravity this Saturday…should be a nice spring day for a group ride.